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It is indeed strange that almost all the major muruga koils are built on high hills, besids the Arupadaiveedus. Hence the uses-"He is the lord of hills". Murugan is a byword for raining boons on the adorers,the moment he sees their unconditional total surrender at any time.

To be true,the devotees unflinching, mfinite saranagatha ever regrets of his devotion soulful to him, non complains of witholding boons by him after genwine prayers. The beatitude experienced by the devotees is beyond the power of words. Several types of prayer services are offered by everyone both at home or in the temples. Their number could not be clothed in astronomical figures too. Among them, there are old sick, infirm, ranging from kids tottering contenarians. so some sort of facility has to be provided for them.

In many places doil is available, but extrermely expensive. To eliminate this hardship,the benign far sighted temple authority has provided haulage winch as cheap,easy and quick conveyance. It was as far back as in 1966, the devasthan commissioned a haulage winch with a capacity as 36 seats,it is hauled up over a railway line running to a length at 290 meters, exactly from the foot at hill to the alighting point. The travel time is only 5 minutes.

It operates from 5 AM to 9 PM. As the charges is nominal,there is greate craze for this service. So the second one was put up, yet it is not meeting the ever growing demand. Plans are now afoot for the third one. And will come up soon. The experience is so thrilling that none forgets it fill his final exist from this world. Above all, no other temple in Tamil nadu, be it dedicated vaishnavate or saivate or sakkeyyas is providing this fecility to the yatras though he is bala murugan in name, he is vrudhamurugan in mind and knows, when he should extend karuna to his bhaktas and draw them to his sarnidhi. It he not called Gnanapandita? This attributes sticks to him aptly and tightly?



Rope car system for Palani temple commissioned Thursday November 4 2004

PALANI: Chief Minister Jayalalithaa commissioned the Rs 4-crore rope car system connecting the foot of Palani hill to the Arulmighu Dandayuthapani Swamy temple at the top on Wednesday.

In a simple ceremony sans any fanfare or speeches, Jayalalithaa pressed the switch to make the system operative and the colourful ‘cars’ began their upward journey.

Jayalalithaa arrived here by a helicopter from Coimbatore around 12.45 pm. She was received with ‘poorna kumbam’ respects and bouquets. She lit the kuthuvilakku and then cut the ribbon to declare open the building of the rope-car station.

Then she pressed the switch, which set the system in motion.

Soon after, Chief Minister entered one of the cars and was whisked up in the 323 metre-long cable haulage. In 2.45 minutes, the Chief Minister reached the station at the temple complex.

ROPE CAR FACILITY: Pilgrims to the hill top temple now use either flight of 693 steps or one of the three winches. Each winch could carry only 34 persons and takes eight minutes to reach the top of the hill from the base station.

On the other hand, the rope-car takes only 2.45 minutes to cover the distance of 323 metres over the green covered precipices.





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