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Near the Idumban hill is the farm of Forest Department Going a little farther we come to a Valampuri Vinayagar who cures even serious headaches. A board with the words "Head cure Vallaba Vinayagar" is seen. It is to attract people of other states. Three steps and a niche. People knock their head against the steps. Headaches of people will vanish Further it guards against head-aches.

Muruga himself is a physician. His very body is a medicine. Moreover to go round the hills is a tonic. The various herbal plants grown by the Siddars are still there. The air coming over them cures ills. It is the same in Kodai hills also.

People go round the hills in all times and in all seasons. During festivals the number will swell. Generally the best time go round the hills is early morning. The air called Ozone will rise in dawn and disappear at sunrise. This air is very beneficial to us. During the hot Agni Nakshatram days, devotes will go round from 1 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.. This is the period when Kadamba and kora, favourite trees of Muruga will blossom and waft their fragrance. These trees too have curative properties. Some devotees even roll round the hill (Angapradakshinam).

The Kora tree is the holy tree in Thiruvidaikazhi, a Muruga Sthala. This place should be approached from Thirukadavur near Mayuram. In Thiruvannamalai, it is difficult to go round the hills. In palani too, it was so once. But nowdays it is not so. To go 2km is very easy. Forgetting everything, going round the hills on the cement road, enjoying the Palani and distant Kodai hills is fascinating.




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