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He arrived at this hill called Sivagiri then created by the Sage Agasthya along with another bearing the name of Idumbhan Malai. Agasthya performed penance here for sometime, dueto its wxtrardinary sublimity and sanctity. Before moving further down, he asked jis poweful demon servant to follow him carrying the two hills with him tying them on to a Kavadi. He did. While going, he found the Idubhan malaigoing up into air. He placed two heavy stones on the lighter Idubha Hill to equalise the weight, but could not balance it however much he tried. He stopped to find out the cause. When scrutinised, he found a tin tot on the Sivagiri hill then found lower. In the exchange of words, followed by fighting, the demon was killed. At the intervention of Agasthya, he was given life. Moreover, the compassionate Muruga ordered the first worship to him in his temple in addition to making him his dwarapalaka at his request, as his loyalty pleased him. And the practice of offering pujas first is being followed since then. Does this not stand testifying his omnicompassion?

Ascent for Darsan

Having listened to the entire background and his preference for independent living a like recluse on this sacred hill, ther is nothing left for us except ascending to his sannithi for eyeful darson and soulful adoration. Our starting point, of course begins at the foot of the hill called Adivaram. It is from here the flight of steps begins. Just at his sacrosanct place, we see in a very big mandap bordering the road installed with abig, grand mejestic image if Vinayaka - his elder brother, who as the word goes blesses a gracefully easeful ascent, it soulfully worshipped. As it is lying at the street level on the step route, all bow to him invariably. Moreover, no Subhakaryacommences without offering prayers to him. So let us do.

This magnificently sculpturd Vinayaka icon is the first one receiving prayers and ther are 108 Vinayaka images along the flight of stairs and around the hill. Of all kinds and sizes, as a matter fact. The builders fully realised the mighty might of this Lambodara and suitably set up his statues all aling the way. Thanks to the ingenuity of the theist builders, for giving supreme significance to this Vigna Vinayaka, whose viveka won universal applause. As we go upwards, we see many beautigul high arches adorned with several images of the Lord giving darsan in the company of his parents, or with his lovely spouses Valli and Devasena.



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