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Big Samadhi shrine of Sadhu Swamigal. Sanyas are generally called Sadhus. It seems he is a perfect Sadhu. That is why he is given double name for emphasis. His Samadhi is in the middle of the temple. This swamy came from Achalpuram on the banks of Kolladam. In the center on a marble dais is a Sivalinga with a silver arch.

To the left is the temple of Raja Rajeswari worshipped by the Swamy. The idol worshipped by an Yogi becomes more sacred. Then crossing a stone in the from of 'OM' a Bairava is housed in a cell. There are some yogis here and a Mutt in the back.

A very clean place Jnanis never vanish. In the place they are present in a spirit form. To bow before such places will shower immense immense benefits.



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