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........ PAZHAM NEE

Pazham Nee (you are the fruit)

Pazham Nee-1

The story of how murugan become Palani Andavar (Lord of Muruga) and how devotees started carrying Kavadi to Palani.

Pazham Nee-2

Devas ask for Shiva's help.
Ashura (titans) are making their life unbearable.

Pazham Nee-3

For fighting against ashuras, Shiva agrees to beget a son . So, from the ray of Shiva's Third Eye, Six baby boys were born.

Pazham Nee-4

Devas worshipped Lord Shiva,
Parvathi and their saviour Skanda-Muruga.

Pazham Nee-5

Rishi Naradhra presented a Jnana Pazham (Fruit of wisdom) to Lord Shiva. But who will enjoy it? was a riddle.

Pazham Nee-6

Lord Shiva said to murugan and vinayagar that "Who is the first person among you both to go round the world will have the fruit".

Pazham Nee-7

The contest begins. Murugan immediately took off his peacock vehicle to go round the world. Ganapati remained calm.

Pazham Nee-8

Pillayar thinked brilliantly. He
went around his parents Lord Shiva and Uma Devi.

Pazham Nee-9

Pillayar intelligently wins and claims the Janan Pazham by saying that "One's parents are their world".

Pazham Nee-10

Murugan after returning felt disappointment and cheated. He
shouted in anger that "Pillayar did not circle the
world, like I did!".

Pazham Nee-11

Murugan left the home and goes to south. His father and Mother felt
sad, but gave their blessings.

Pazham Nee-12

Murugan comes to South India,
meets Avvaiyar and
tested her wisdom.

Pazham Nee-13

Idumban's task. The Ashura carries Sivagiri and Sakthigiri mountains
as Kavadi (burden) from South to Pothigai.

Pazham Nee-14

At Palani, due to heavy load Idumban were not able to carry it because Murugan were sitting in Sivagiri hill. Later Murugan killed Idumban.

Pazham Nee-15

Muruga likes Palani and blesses it as Palani Ândavar, Lord of Palani

Pazham Nee-16

Palani Andavar were honoured by gods and rishis at Palani.

Pazham Nee-17

Palani, where Lord Muruga's
aboundant grace is
easily obtained.



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