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Palani is a holy place and a land of Siddhas. Lord Muguga (Dandâyudhapâni), a god of youth and beauty, was installed on the hillock by one of the Eighteen Siddhas, Bhogar, who is the author of the valuable literature Bhogar Elayiram and Bhogar Panneerayiram. He made this icon by solidifying nine poisonous liquid substances (nava basana) by a peculiar chemical process which is unknown to present-day chemists. The icon has a divine feature of attracting lakhs and lakhs of devotees from all parts of the country. The worship of Muruka has a hoary antiquity. He is praised in Cankam literature, especially in Tirumurugattruppadai6. It mentions Palani as Avinankudi a place where goddess Mahalakshmi, Kamadenu, Indra and other deities worshipped Lord Muruka. By following this divine tradition people worship Lord Muruka in the hillock for prosperity in this mundane life as well as to realise the secrets of the other world. Hence, Saint Arunagirinathar8 prays, saying, Igaparasaubhakkiyam Arulvaye.

There are many margas (paths) worship Lord Muruka. Bhakti is one of the sure and easiest way of realization. Pada Yatra is one of the forms of bhakti called Nadaippayanam in Tamil. The ultimate aim of Pada Yatra is to receive the blessings of the Lord. But the devotees have many problems in their day to day life. They believe that Lord Muruka will solve their problems by bestowing His grace and boon as He is rightly called Kali Yuga Varadan.

To fulfil their demands the devotees offer many things as offerings to their lotus feet of Lord Muruka sometimes in the form of Kavadis.

Offerings of Lord Muruka (kavadis and other things)
Tender coconut kavadi
Cock kavadi
Milk kavadi
Theertha kavadi
Navadhanya (paddy and other grains)
Tinai (millet) varagu paddy (the cultivation of these are almost extinct)
Coins, money (which is collected in their saving pots - a mud pot usually called hundials)
Cock, goat, etc.,
Sandalwood, footwear (almost extinct)
Gold, silver and other articles
Tonsuring the head.


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