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Valli Malai
Valli Malai is situated in North Arcot district near the town Walaja. There is a Murugan temple for Lord Muruga along with Valli and Devayanai. Behind the temple there is a kulam Saravana Poikai. Near the kulam there is a Valli temple also. On the top of the hillock there is another temple for Lord Muruga. One has to climb 444 steps to reach this temple that is carved in a single rock. On the steps there are a number of resting mandapams. Out of the many canopies one of them is still not renovated. When they tried to renovate it, Mr. Arunachalam, Mr. Apathurai and Kripananda Variar tried to remove the stone. When they had smoke incense smell coming from the chamber below the stone they had the vision of siddhas and rishis seated in yoga posture. All the three had a shock and became unconscious. From that time the stones were closed and this particular canopy has been left as it is without renovation. There are a number of stories about this.

Valli Malai Shakti Peetam (Iccha Shakti)
Here Valli Devi has importance from very ancient time many siddhas lived on this hill. In fact one may call it a Siddha Bhumi. On top of Valli Malai near the ashram there is a place where Valli made a paste of turmeric for taking bath. Nearby is the place where Murugan took the form of a tree. Valli Malai Swamigal removed what remained of the tree and made it into a water pool.

Pongi alias Valli
One day while Vallimalai Satchidananda Swami was walking on the hill he met Valli in the form of a little girl who sang Virakara Nokkiyam. Swamigal felt very happy and was astonished. He asked the girl who she was. She said, "It does not matter who I am, but did you not feel very happy in your mind upon hearing my music?" From that time Valli Malai Swami started singing with raga and tala. He gave the name Pongi to Valli. He consecrated her on a rock called Pongi Parai.

Ganesa Giri
There is a natural rock formation like an elephant and Lord Ganesa has helped in the Valli Tirumanam. Lord Ganesa is in the form of a natural rock formation the Ganesa Giri and protects all the bhaktas.

Tiruppukazh Asramam
Near the Valli Malai rock temple the asramam is situated. Swami Satchidananda accepted Tiruppukazh as the Veda Mantra and taught all with music. In 1950 he attained samadhi. This samadhi is made of a single rock. Presently this asramam is administered by Sri Balananda Swami.

On the top of the hillock there is a siva lingam called Tirumal Gireeswara. Here Vaisnavism and Saivism commingle. After the puja the priest blesses the devotees with Sadari proving that this is a Vaisnava site



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