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In Cambodia too, besides the important sects and their gods discussed above (Brahmanism, Saivism and Vaisnavism), the people believed in many other smaller cults and sects also. Their statues were usually installed in Saivite and Vaisnavite temples but in many cases they had their individual abodes (temples). In inscriptions there are numerous references to the following gods and goddesses as:

  1. Aditya, Adityasvami
  2. Brahma
  3. Ganesa
  4. Saligramasvami
  5. Yama
  6. The Nine Planets
  7. Svayambhuva
  8. Skanda-Karttikeya *
  9. Indra

* (Skanda-Karttikeya) was known as early as 7th century A.D. in Cambodia. Statues of Skanda-Karttikeya mounted on Peacock were known in Pre-Angkorian period.



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