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It may not be exaggeration to say that at least five out of ten in Tamil Nadu, fell highly honored in bearing his name in a wide variety of its ramifications, like Gnanapanditha, Guhane, Saravanan, Alagar, Kadirvel, Kumaran, Velan, Vadivelan, Dondayudapani, Supramanya, Skanda, Karthikoya, Shanmuga, Muruga, Palani, Arumuga, Sivakumar, Gangeyan, Kulandai,Gangai Siruvan, Kadamban, Guru, Visakan, Vallikanthan, Sundaravadivelen, Ayilvahavan, Suresan, Muthukumaran, etc.

There are but only a few among nearly 95 add names, the devotees fondly chose for their children. He is indescribably glorified to the extent, that there is no village or town without his temples, no street without his icon fixed in some corner or the other; no house without his portrait; no auspicious occasion begins without mentioning his name; no public institution that does not declare a holiday on any one of the days dear to him like Krithikai, Kandasasti etc., no Kalakshepan that does not make a reference to his exploits overtly or covertly and no venture or business becomes complete without mentioning his name at one stage or the other.

Thus grown in fare and sanctity, he adorned and has been adoring literature in every genre to such an extent that no Singer or Saint, Writer or Reporter ever earns a living or fame; if he does not claim his adoration to him. All this splendor and exalted glamour started spreading only after his coming to the down south and making Palani his home. So read the legend of Sivagiri hill now popular as Palani hill that reveals his enchanting and awe-inspiring drama of life.

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