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All pervading omnipotent Sakthi fragrance of flower miracle of four-letter. She is appearing everywhere. She is bestowing grace overtime. She is everything for me.She is the cause for triworld .She is everywhere omnipresent , omnipotent, omniscient you have lot of crawn, namas everyone knows your all pervading power.She dawn at palani near Arulsakthipuram.

      She will appear in the world where adharma arise she will sustain the adharma and she will establish dharma. Sri Mugambigai spontaneously appeared (Suyambhu) in deferent forms of goddess and she will become one with Suyambhu Lingam.She will dispelled all the evil spirits in the forms of " Kala Bhairavi".A giant Hamhasan got grace from Parasakthi. He controlled "Trilokas" and arrested all the "Saints", Thevas" and gave lot of problems to them.

     Parasakthi took the form of " TripuraBhairavi" to kill Hamhasan. But Hamhasan escaped from parasakthi and started mediation towards Sro Parameshwaran on seeing this all the 'devar' met together and went to Sri Mugambigai uttered about the evil does of Hamhasan.Listening Sri Mugambigai, she protected the devar and made the Hamhasan as a dump invader to not able to ask any boon to Maheswaran.Hamhasan got angry and started to destroy the whole world. Sri Mugambigai dawn with "Rupa Nama" destroyed the Hanhasan and removed his head. After Sri Mugambigai associated with angels united with "Jothilingam".

     Sri Moogambigai in the "Namarupa" she will be a form "Trinity" like MahaSakthi(Kali) , MahaLakshmi, Mahasaraswathi. "Trinity" of god Brhma, Vishnu, Rudran,(Three Gods) Trinity of god said to be creator destroyer, preserver, three actions adoned to be worshipped.Sri Mooganbigai gave sakthi and she can be dispelled the sakthi. If we worshipped properly we can achieve.If we fail to worship we could not achieve anything. This is the philosophy of Sri Annai Mugambigai.

     Annai Sri Moogambigai appeared in the dream where this temple was constructed by Sri Arunadevi Ammaiyar. In the first this formed as "Snokehole", at prsent it become Santum Sanctorium.Those who are visited this temple and worshipping sri Moogambigai will get all prosperous and healthy life.

     Sri Moogambigai Temple Situated Palani Dindugal highway at Kanakkanpatti. The temple consist of "Vimana", Karbhagreha (Santum Sanctorium), Mahamandapam.This temple consecration (Maha Kumbabhishekam) held at 08-11-1989 in tamil date 23 rd (Wednasday) Iyibbasi month, Sukla Varusham, Thasamithithi, sadhya Nachattram, Chitra yogam on the auspicious day in the morning at 6 to 6.45. By this time we will get benefit "Pasupunya" , "Patipunya" rendering pooja only the time spent nearly 12 years.

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