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Palaniandavar Mayilvidu Thoothu: The Incomparable Greatness of Subrahmanya

The book contains about 400 lines. The unparalleled greatness of Lord Subrahmanya is explained in lines 1 to 21. The subtle truths of Saiva Siddhanta sastras are briefly but clearly set forth. The latter half of these lines explain the significance of the names of the youthful perfect Lord as Muruga, Subrahmanya, Guruswami, Guha and Kumaran.

Subrahmanya is unknowable even by Vishnu, Brahma, Indra, the four Vedas, the devas and others. He is the Lord without beginning, sign, and attribute. He is the Paramasiva seated ever in the hearts of the wise. He is the Siva whom knowledge seeks to know. He is the Divine Bliss which wells forth without end for souls to attain salvation, freed from the taint of the three malas (impurities). He assumes in His infinite mercy many shapes — with Form or without Form, and with Form-cum-Formlessness according to the needs of His devotees, he is inseparably interpenetrated win all beings. Unless His Grace vouchsafes knowledge of Himself, none can expound His Nature. And no faculty can measure Him. He is the one Substance which all religions seek to scale, each in its own measure. He is the Brahma whom the Vedas proclaim. He is the Sadasiva who performs the three-fold action of Creation, Sustenance and Destruction. He is the Mystic meaning of the Pranava mantra ‘Om’. He is the Muruga of Uncreated Form, Perpetual Youth, Divine Fragrance that never fades.

The beauties of the many gods of love (Cupid) are dust before His Feet. He is the Divine Preceptor and Lord who put in prison Brahma (the creator) who knew not the meaning of Creation and taught the Truth to His adoring Father. He is the Guru who showered His Grace on Agastya who humbled Vishnu. His is the Illimitable Guhaswami who owns the Universe. He is the youthful Lord who shames Manmada in beauty. He is the Lord who breaks the fetters of the three Malas binding the souls. He is the Lord, enshrined in the secret caverns of the human heart. He is the Lord of the hosts of souls. He is the primal whole but called by a million names.

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