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Yet oe more: Another fantastic legend narrated that once Agni appeared before Siva and Parvathi, when they were absorbed in the act of copulation. the sudden appearance of Agni made Siva discharge his seed abruptly. Angry Parvathi asled Agni to bear that seed. He humbly accepted, infear of severe consequences, but he could not bear it longer. He threw it into the river Ganges and the later transferred it to the six enchanting young girls called Kritikas, who were bathing in it. they gave birth to children, each one. All the six were combined into one with six heads and twelve arms but with one neck and one belly. Later his peerless career crowned him with the generalship of his celestial army along with Devendra's daughter as wife.

Another legend narrates that was also called Saravanabhava due to the fact of the seed of Siva thrown into the forest of Sara of seeds, where he was born according to another story.

Whatever may be his orgin, he was undoubtedly the most courageous among the celestials, and with his help along Devendra killed Taraka. Surapadma , Mahisha etc. Moreover, he is represented as Kumara of great beauty and of irresistible attraction. He is the Prince charming among gods. He accepted the cock to adorn his banner and Mayura as his mount, the two forms of Surapadma at the time of his death at his hands.

There are several other myths and legends finding coveted places in the scriptures. They bring out the glory of this War Lord, but strange to find that his worship or popularity is little known in North India; rather he is not given wide puplicity as found in the South , especially Tamil Nadu, which if termed Muruga Nadu, justifies selection, says ine enthusiast.

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