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On the road to Dharapuram, Erode to the arch written with the words 'Peria Udayar Koil', stands Gothisvaram in bright colours. It belongs to the Palani temple and has a single circuit fenced by walls within which the shrine sports a sanctum and Ardha Mandapa. In the Vimana a painting of Vishnu worshipping a Sivslinga is seen. Inside, the Sivalinga is kept with doors bolted!

After paying homage here one enter the arch and proceed 1 km in full view of Palani hill till we reach the railway bridge. A small shop stands here and if we turn east, the temple comes into view.

Karuppannaswamy guarding the Saptha Kannis abides in the temple. A small dais for us to rest aehile. Facing us is the bank descending into the Shanmuga Nadhi. Now we are in the east bank of the Shanmuga Nadhi.

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