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The Kavadi-bearer is required to observe various rules between the time he takes up the Kavadi and the day of the offering. He has to perform elaborate ceremonies at the time of assuming the Kavadi and at the time of offering it to the Lord. He also puts on the dress of a 'Pandaram', a Shaivite mendicant. It consists of a saffron-coloured cloth, a scarlet conical cap, and a cane silver-capped at both ends. Lord Shiva, the Supreme Pandaram, Himself loves to wear this dress. The Pandaram lives on alms only. The Kavadi-bearer's bare chest is covered with several 'Rudraksha Malas' (rosaries).
The Kavadi-bearer observes celibacy. He takes only pure, Satwic food; he abstains from all sorts of intoxicating drinks and drugs, He continuously thinks of God. Many of the Kavadi-bearers, especially those who do it as a spiritual Sadhana, impose various sorts of self-torture upon themselves.
Some pass a sharp little spear through their tongue, which is made to protrude out of the mouth. Others may pass a spear through the cheeks. This sort of piercing is done on other parts of the body also. The bearer does not shave; he grows a long beard. He eats only once a day. The spear pierced through his tongue or cheeks reminds him constantly of Lord Muruga. It also prevents him from speaking. It gives him great power of endurance.
The Kavadi-bearer is in a high state of religious fervour. He dances in ecstasy. His very appearance is awe-inspiring; there is divine radiance on his face. Devotees often experience the state of feeling complete union with the Lord. Sometimes the Deity enters their body and possesses them for some time.




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