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In the widened east street, the emerald green of fields and the cool blue of the Kodai hills is very exhilarating . The very name "Kodai hills" carries a special significance. There was a time when people were afraid to come to Kodaikanal. Muruga was in a fix with no money even for an ordinary festival. Pandarams carried him on their sholders, visiting many places and requesting monery for festivals.

Even then when people did not come to him, he went in search of them. In riches je might have been a begger but in mercy and grace never - why were people afraid to come here? The hill would have been a forest. There would have been no steps. Devotees woild have worshipped at Thiru Avinankudi and gone. That is why literatures and insceiptions speak less of the hill temple. Only in leter daus when Boga, Pulipani and Arunagiri Nathar visited the hill, people got courage and began visiting it.

Today the scene os dofferent. Lights illumine the hill as daylight. In the east and west mercury lights pour lightr in each and everything.

Becouse Karthigai maids reared him, he got the name Karthikeyan. Karthigai day is very holy on this account. This day comes for 13 days in an year. To condact the festivities in that period, this Kartigai mandapan was constructed bu Annur Govindasami Naidu in 1978. This mandapa has occupoed half of east street. Stucco nitches adorn the west wall. In the north is Idumban painting.

Then Pazhamuthir Solai Shanmuga on his peacock mount, Thiruthani, Swamimalai, Palani Dandayudapani Thiru Avinankidi, Tiruchendur, Vinayagar, Thiruparankundaram, Bhogar painting. In these niches of six Padaiveedu's the same scene of those places are seen. It is a fitting place for pilgrims to rest.



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