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With such august backround, this Palani muruga, the second son of Gourishankar came into this world and fulfilled the desires of the highest dignitaries to their satisfaction utmost. Even in bhuloka when his exploits and achevements brought in beatitude, it is but natural that adorers built many magnificent kovils at different places in token of their gratitude genuine and abundless.

The pious bhaktas, when lifted by his boundless compassion, started worshipping with unprecedented zeal matching his valour and wisdom. In course of time the intellectual cream from among the Murugan cult introduced innumerable traditions and prayer services in recompense for for his matchless compassion. Expert committees were formed to celebrating perodical festivals, spending huge sums, maintaining numberless humanitarian organisations for the uplift of the deserving people, running of institutions for the propagation of the land's ancient dharma; founding of special type of academy for pioneering advanced studies in the fields of arts and science; building of choultries and lodging homes fof the visiting devotees, in addition to offering annadana and the like.And they began racing as it were one after another to encircle every segment of man's life with a view to visualising the glory of Murugan's power and his especial position among gods.

The miracles demonstrated to extend succour to the moor-lost and star crossed were so countless and awesome that even the scepties and agnostics too slowly gravitated towards theism and swelled in the size of his ever increasing cult. Caste, Colour, Rerion, Religion, Language, Age etc, broke their bounds in claiming him as saviour and heightened the glory of theism in particular to speak the truth. So ther is no exaggeration, if claimed that every inch of the land is saturated with Muruga Mahatyam. Rather it can be said that a contagion of Murugabhakti has swept over mankind , manifesting in naming the offsprings offer him by the highly religious couples in and out of India.





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