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Beyond is what is Nagapatna Thottam. It was here that Devasthanam commenced the Nadaswaram Music College in 1957. Alittle away is the College for Thavil (Drum). The course of instruction is for 3 years.

Adjoining the foot-hills, what looks like a Balipeeta is Sri Pada Medai. Adevotee of Sakti of Kongu Velalar Caste died here and a dais was raised in his memory. At the top is Sri Pada Medai of Devi. There is a flower gorden oppsite. The Nagama Naicker Tank, Nagapattinathar Thottam, Allithorai thopu, a garden with motors, Nagarattar's Rakkala Nandavanam, Kamblian Chetti Thottam, are all places from which flowers are gathered for Muruga of Palani hills.

Kadamba tree is the Sthala Vriksha here and ther are plenty of those trees, in this area. Further on is Then Kailasagiri Vinayagar, who is in standing pose. The channel we saw earlier is running here like a small brook and the fifth peacock madapa is here.

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