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Festivals are celebrated to commemorate some bygone events of supreme significance that ushered in memorable eras of peace and prosperity in the land, by persons of extraordinary intellectual brilliance or spiritual eminence. People keep in remembrance of certain momentous moments and honor the illustrious people instrumental for establishing Jagatkalyan. It is but natural that they turn out to be days of great rejoicing consuming incalculable sums of money and materials.

These gala days knit mankind together and give occasions for solidarity among them. They are of course, inaugurated first in heaven and man being created in the image of the highest God is emulating the ennobling tradition since the down of intelligence. The numerous Jayanthis, Vardhanthis etc. of both Gods and humans stand in testimony of this all commendable tradition.

Every temple celebrated certain days held dear to the Archamurthi together with those responsible for building and expanding of the temple, wherein the adorable murtiabides and displays his powers for making his children progress on righteous path. Here in this temple, many kinds of periodical celebrations take place. Why the temple calendar is over crowded with big red dots indicating the innumerable auspicious days of the temple. Though every day is a festival day here with various kinds of programs and offering of sevas to the lord, certain days are deemed very auspicious and they draw lakes of devotees from far and near, when the whole hill metamorphoses into Bhulokaswarga.

Of the gala days, Panguni Uthiram, Thaipoosam, Kandasasti, Agni Nakshatram take precedence over the rest of days, like Vaikasi Visakam, Thai Amavasya, Tamil New Year day, Margali Masa Special sevas ect,.

All the festivals are celebrated with matchless devotional fervor, when the whole town overflows with yatris causing insurmountable hardships to temple authority and Government. Each major festival has certain special ritualistic prayer services that mark it out from there.



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