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........ 18 - ABISEHAM REASON

It is quite expedient at this stage to know the import of the Prayer Service; for queer doubts were expressed by some sane persone as to how could that slender icon stand those countless abhishekams being performed for over centuries now. According to one belief the icon is an amalgam of nine different kinds of medicinal minerals - pashanasblended together in specific proportions. Hence its amazing strength to withstand any number. Bur the pundits of Siddha science refute it on the groud that such ingredients would naturally evaporate with slight touchof head.

Science with its advanced techniques may come out with correct fact, but the ordinary bhakta setting asideall those hair-splitting arguments, mutterswith folded hands and closed eyes that Bhagawan Mururga can withstand any stress and strain for the sake of his adorers, just like his father Maheswar swallowed the all-burning hakahakam surged up during ksheerasagara madhana. And feels contented that this abhishekapriya Muruga accepts with infinite delight his humble offering and relieves him from the unfordable difficulties, he is confronted with.

He prefers offering panchamirtha abhishek to the Lord, presuming that his abhishek materials are absorbing the medicinal properties of the image and hence possessing curative properties. Miraculous cure of many ailments is attributed to it thus. Moreover, he believes that the sandal paste used to decorading the image at night and removed in the morning is infected mysterious cure, if applied to the body.

The abhishekam water it is said also cures diseases, like leucoderma and asthma; if taken in; for, anything - be it liquid or solid, when comes into cantact with that sacred image gets charged with the divine power and turns out a panacea. This credulousness of the believers is increasing the number of relievers and drawing them to his sannadhi round the year.


The believed are relieved and the relieved are released from the vicious circle of birth and deaths as sure as the water flows from level higher to lower. Thanks to Maharishi bhoga for persenting to the theist world a timeless, matchless, peerless vigrah that lasts as long as the sun rerains his effulgence and the moon his coolness. Most of the traditions and ritualistic prayer sevices inducted by him are being carried on even today. Filling the eyes and souls with divine charm of that recluse Muruga, devotees come out into the vast courtyard of the first prakara with vibhuti prasad smeared on the forehead.



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