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Abiseham to Lord Muruga - Bhogar

Abhisheka is a part of the worship of Lord . Without it, the worship is incomplete. It is the ceremonial bathing of the lord Muruga.

A pot made of copper or brass, with a tiny hole in the centre, is kept hanging over the image or Lingam of lord Muruga. The water drips (falls) on the image throughout the day and night. Pouring water, milk, ghee (clarified butter), curd, honey or coconut water over the lord Muruga is also Abhisheka. Whilst this is done, the Rudram is chanted loudly with devotion and love. lord Muruga is invoked by performing this Abhisheka.

The water of the Abhisheka is considered very sacred. It is known to grant great benefits on the devotees who take it as the Lord’s prasad. It purifies the heart and destroys countless sins. You should take it with intense faith and devotion.

When you perform Abhisheka with devotion, your mind is concentrated. Your heart is filled with divine thoughts and with the image of the Lord. You forget your body and your surroundings. Egoism vanishes. When the body is forgotten, you begin to enjoy and taste the eternal bliss of lord Muruga. The recitation of Mantras during the Abhisheka purifies the mind.

The sacred prasad of the Lord and the holy water of the Abhisheka purify the heart if taken with faith and devotion. They can bring peace and prosperity.

Incurable diseases are cured by performing Abhisheka. It bestows health, wealth, prosperity, peace of mind and purity of heart. It expands the heart. It calls for self-sacrifice and self-surrender. There must be a natural feeling in the heart. "I am Thine, my Lord. All is Thine, my Lord."

1 Gengely Oil - Good Health
2 Rice Flour - Relief from Debts
3 Abishega Koottu - Cure from Aliments
4 Saffron Powder - Attractive look
5 Holy water - Prosperity
6 Panchakaviyam - Purity
7 Panchamirtham - Success
8 Ghee - Salvation
9 Milk - Long life
10 Milk Curd - Blessed with children
11 Honey - Health, Intelligence & Music
12 Sugarcane Juice - Free from illness
13 brown sugar - Success over enemies
14 Banana Fruits - Good Crops
15 Mango Fruits - Blessed with children
16 Pomegranate Fruits - Calm down from anger
17 Oranges - Be Impartial
18 Lime Fruits - No fear of Death
19 Cooked Rice - Gift of a Kingdom
20 Young coconut water - Pleasures
21 Vibuthi rana shynal - Intelligence
22 Sandal Paste - Wealth
23 Kumkum - Prosperity
24 Scented Water - Free from fear
25 Sweet Rice - Free from Famine
26 Cooked with Ghee - Cure from ailments

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