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Bhogar is a well known Siddhar who made the idol of Lord Muruga at the hill temple. His guru is Kalanginaathar believed to be a Chinese and his disciple is Pulippani siddhar (whose Samadhi is in Thirupattur near Trichy covered in my Blog). Bhogar is an expert in siddha medicine and it is said that as per the last wishes of his guru, Bhogar proceeded to China to spread the knowledge of siddha sciences. His journey is said to have been made with the aid of an aircraft; he demonstrated to the Chinese the details of the construction of the aircraft and later built for them a sea-going craft using a steam engine. The details of these and other experiments demonstrated by Bhogar in China are clearly documented in the Saptakanda.

Bogar, as an expert in siddha medicine and with the consultation of Agasthiar (Father of Ayurvedic Medicine) and other siddhars, used 4448 rare herbs to make 9 poisonous medicines or Nava Bhashanam (Nava means nine; Bhashanam means poison). Out of this Nava Bhashanam, he then made one Master Medicine that can cure all diseases in a solid stone like form as Lord Murugan which is currently being worshiped as the main deity. Thirumoolar also discusses one such Master Medicine in his book Thirumandhiram. When the abhisheha items like milk and Panchamirtham flows on the deity from top to bottom the medicinal power is extracted in them. After installing, Bogar used to worship the idol and later after him, his disciple took over. Pulippani Siddhar and his descendants maintained this almost as their personal and private temple. Bogar went into Nirvigalpa Samadhi - the highest samadhi stage; where the Mind dissolves with Matter and Energy.

Bogar Samadhi is inside the hill temple, south west of the sanctum sanctorum in a narrow cave like corridor. It is believed that there is an underground passage here that goes straight to the foot of the main deity, Lord Murugan. Actually Bogar himself constructed this and went into Nirvigalpa Samadhi here. He is last seen by his disciples at this entrance.

In the shrine is present the idol of Bhuvaneswari Amman and a Shiva lingam made of Maragatha stone (when you visit, ask the priest specifically to show them) worshipped by Bogar. Below these deities is the underground passage where Bogar went into samadhi. Now this has been covered completely without any indication of such a passage. One of our relatives couple who had been childless for several years had been advised to visit this shrine. They did and got the baby as well. During this trip they had come with the child and sat in the shrine again as thanks-giving.



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